Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world. You can reach the heart of the Himalayas for trekking, with its high peaks and magnificent views and regions that are still wild and authentic. Small mountain resorts are situated in the heights of the Himalayas in the state of Jammu and Kashmir which receive heavy snowfall during the winter season from January to March. A very unique destination to go hiking and learn the rich and fascinating Indian culture of the Himalayan valleys.
The Thar Desert
The Thar desert and arid plains of Rajasthan; you will walk in the footsteps Rajput warriors and their strengths. Explore the ancient sand dunes on camel back or on a pure bree Marwari horse.
Spend your nights in a royal tent camp worthy of a thousand and one nights.
The center of India is a rich and flat area. The Ganges waters it and then flows into the Bay of Bengal where tigers, elephants, leopards and monkeys are always communal. In the South of the central plains, is the Deccan Plateau with hills along both its coasts.
See the many pilgrims and Sadhus coming to pray in the temples located on the banks of the sacred river. The beauty of the place, surrounded by high peaks and majestic glaciers are unique.
Further south, there are sandy beaches, coconut palms, rice fields, the countryside, fragrant spice gardens, tea and coffee plantations, waterfalls and jungles- home to wild animals.
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