The Andaman archipelago comprises 204 islands (of which 38 are inhabited), it is suitated in the Bay of Bengal, 800 km from the Indian coast and about 200 km south of Burma.
About thirty are inhabited, and only some of them open to tourism.
The discovery of these islands dates back to the 9th century. The first Western visitor was Marco
Polo who called Andaman as "island of headhunters."
The Andaman Islands are one among the new destinations for scuba diving.
On arrival in Port Blair, capital of the archipelago, you will go towards the port to board the ferry to Havelock Island and the incredibly beautiful beaches. Most hotels / resorts are all located on the sea shore and are composed entirely of bungalows built in wood.
You will have plenty of time to enjoy this paradise.
At Havelock, a ferry will be waiting for your return to Port Blair, surrounded with tropical trees.
You will tour the prison "Cellular Jail," built on a promontory facing the sea, it included 700 cells,
the harbor with its ships, ferries and a few colonial houses.
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Lakshadweep “The Thousand islands”
On this archipelago of 36 islands, atolls and lagoons, only Bangaram Island welcome abroad tourists, provided they obtain a restricted stay permit.
We offer an accommodation that blends with nature in an exceptional environment.
The Bangaram Island is managed by the chain Casino CGH earth An ecological resort in a dream place which is surrounded by coconut trees and coral reef. Accommodation is simple in the form of thatched roof huts without TV or air conditioning, ideal for water sports and relaxation.
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